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Fun is one thing that It Works Global guarantees. In November 2016 we got to cruise on the 5th largest cruise liner in the world for FREE!

Mike and I had a BLAST sailing the high seas with old and new friends on the It Works Cruise. It was incredible seeing our team paint Nassau with their BLACK&GREEN Bling.
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As I continue to grow and work my It Works! Business, I run into people on a regular basis that ask what the secret to my success is. My answer to this question is very simple: I follow the steps to success, nothing tricky. It’s the combination of a simple commitment, hard work and the steps to success. What I love most about the Steps to Success is how they so intricately maximize our compensation plan. Every piece of our system very deliberately sets the individual following the steps up for total freedom and success! For some, this may seem too simple, but for those of you who trust me to follow this plan, get ready for the ride of your life.

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